• An Introduction

  • A doctor’s research & insights about chronic illness

    My chronic illness story, what supports my healing & how I make sense of my symptoms
  • The Discovery Series: Causes of Chronic Illness

    Research that introduced me to a new way of making sense of chronic illness
  • Causes of Chronic Illness Part 2

    The asthma research & accidental cure that suggest new tools for treatment & prevention of chronic illness
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and chronic illness

    Over 25 years of research and 17,000 participants show the delayed effects of childhood trauma
  • Can stress trigger the onset of chronic illness?

    Infections, difficult life events and other stressors that trigger the onset of chronic illness.
  • The Chronic Illness Model

    Trauma in early life, in past generations, and before onset affects risk for chronic illness - here's the science
  • Books & Therapies

    Working with symptoms
  • Free Downloadable eBook

    The Chronic Illness and Trauma Connection