• An Introduction

  • A doctor’s journey through chronic illness & into healing

    My chronic illness story and how the trauma research changed my life (for so much better)
  • The Discovery Series #1: Can Trauma Cause Chronic Illness?

    The research that introduced me to thinking of chronic illness as an intelligent process gone awry
  • #2: Difficult Birth Events Increase Risk for Chronic Illness

    The research & accidental cure that offer new tools for treatment & prevention of chronic illness
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and chronic illness

    Hundreds of studies show that serious life events in childhood increase risk
  • Can stress trigger the onset of chronic illness?

    Difficult life events, trauma and other stressors are common before chronic illness
  • The Chronic Illness Trauma Connection

    Summary of the research + 11 characteristics of trauma that may make sense of your symptoms
  • Rx: Books & Therapies

    For healing nervous system responses to stress & trauma
  • Free Downloadable eBooks

    The Chronic Illness and Trauma Connection Series