• An Introduction

  • A doctor’s research & insights about chronic illness

    My chronic illness story, what supports my healing & how I make sense of my symptoms
  • Causes of Chronic Illness Part 1

    How research in type 1 diabetes introduced me to a new way of understanding risk for chronic illness
  • Causes of Chronic Illness Part 2

    The asthma research & accidental cure that suggest new tools for treatment & prevention of chronic illness
  • Can trauma cause type 1 diabetes?

    Dan Fleshler's story, his hunch that trauma affected his risk for T1D, and the research that supports it.
  • Childhood trauma affects risk for rheumatoid arthritis

    My grandfather developed RA/RD as an adult and his mother died when he was a child. Research suggests early trauma affects risk.
  • Adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and chronic illness

    Over 25 years of research and 17,000 participants show the delayed effects of childhood trauma
  • Can stress trigger the onset of chronic illness?

    Infections, difficult life events and other stressors that trigger the onset of chronic illness.
  • Epigenetics control genes and are influenced by life events

    One way that trauma affects health is through epigenetics, which can be reversed. Is chronic illness reversible too?
  • The Chronic Illness Model

    Trauma in early life, in past generations, and before onset affects risk for chronic illness - here's the science
  • Books & Therapies

    Working with symptoms
  • Free Downloadable eBook

    The Chronic Illness and Trauma Connection
  • 10 Tools for treating chronic Illness

    It is possible to heal from trauma even if it happened in the distant past.
  • Treating chronic illness by making room for pleasure

    9 sneaky ways to "act out" that support the process of healing
  • Resources are powerful tools for healing

    Resources and activities that elicit pleasure are an underestimated part of the healing journey and in treating chronic illness.
  • Using diet as a tool for working with chronic illness

    The process of changing my diet was gradual. Symptoms were my motivators.
  • Art therapy as an approach for healing

    Art therapy - and working with subtle trauma patterns -  is helping
  • Trauma therapy and recovery looks easier than we expect it to

    Principles of trauma recovery with a dog named Kane, from Nat Geo's "The Dog Whisperer."
  • Learning to accept that I am already whole

    Befriending my chronic illness has been changing - and enriching - the journey.
  • Overview of Blog Year 1

    A summary of blog posts: May 2014 - 2015
  • Overview of Blog Year 2

    A summary of blog posts: May 2015 - 2016
  • Like the butterfly, one cannot rush the crocus

    it blooms only when ready